A Generational Love

On the daily, I am the recipient of beautiful, heartfelt comments commending the person that stands by my side in this photo. Many of those comments conclude with a variation of the phrase, “it takes a village.” To which I reply, “Yes, yes it does…”

I am so proud to stand next to my not-so-little-boy, a young man who proudly holds a love for all beings, great and small. It’s a love delicately nurtured and handed down from those who came before him, before me.

Our shared empathic love for animals and ability to recognize the powerful benefits of the human-animal bond is innately within our core— the result of a generational love that transcends all barriers within a given space and time.

And from that love shines a hopeful conviction; he too will use this coveted passion and make this world a better place (in fact, he already is).

For it takes a village— yes, yes it does. But not just any village, it takes a dog-friendly village.

It takes a dog-friendly village to nurture the loving boy and guide him as he becomes the loving man he is destined to be.

Me, Jacob, & Bravo

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