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Navigate the integration of animal-assisted therapies in your organization with empathic guidance each and every step of the process.

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“The power of the paw is real.”

Dr. Jessica Maricevic

Empathic Paws Will Support You

Empathic Paws supports organizations who want to incorporate animal-assisted therapies, by creatively strategizing and enacting theoretically grounded, research-based policy and programmatic protocols that meets, and potentially exceeds, individuals’ physical, mental and emotional needs.

To ensure a smooth and successful programmatic integration of an identified animal-assisted therapy, Empathic Paws will:

  • Educate stakeholders on animal-assisted therapies and associated topics
  • Honor and empower stakeholders during all aspects of the implementation process
  • Collaboratively use Empathic Paws’ expertise to guide each stage, phase, and beyond, of the implementation process

Stages, Phases & Beyond:

The Implementation Process

Consult with Empathic Paws

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Empathic Paws

Promoting and equitably assisting organizations in the integration of animal-assisted therapies for the physical, mental, and emotional benefit of individuals in public and private settings, one paw at a time.