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  • Love.
    I happened to get up from the banquette during a Zoom doctoral class- needed a little pistachio snack, sustenance for all this writing. Between the time it took to grab a few pistachios and my return, Judge wiggled under the table and positioned himself in perfect proximity- he patiently awaited my return. My stealthy, determined… Continue reading Love.
  • And Just Like That…
    Last night I did ✨a lot ✨of writing. The entire time, Judge rested his head upon my Ugg slippers… I took a quick break, sat by the fire and watched an episode of a go-to favorite television show. FYI, nostalgia is a great motivator. I reverted back to my days as a graduate student, living… Continue reading And Just Like That…
  • The Canine Compass
    A chilly Sunday evening brings me to think of warmer days. Yes, I’m grateful for the faint summer breeze that lingers in my memory. I’m equally grateful for the night’s crisp, fall air, and for the love I receive, no matter the season, from the beautiful being that is Judge. Judge’s love realigned my trajectory,… Continue reading The Canine Compass
  • Variations on ‘Brad’- Pop Art Meets Human-Animal Relationships
    Pop Art, meet Human-Animal Relationships. Let’s be honest, Dogs know everything. Whether we verbally tell them our thoughts, or they feel our energy, or the energy of a situation; Dogs know. And it was that all-knowing, canine superpower, that inspired my original, Roy Lichtenstein-esque, digital representation of the human-animal bond.  For those unfamiliar with Lichtenstein’s artistic style, he incorporated… Continue reading Variations on ‘Brad’- Pop Art Meets Human-Animal Relationships
  • I’m just a girl, writing a blog with two dogs by her side, looking for…
    I’m just a girl, writing a blog with two dogs by her side, looking for… an audience. It is my hope that this is the first of many pieces that you stop to read. Fingers crossed. And, yes. I am alluding to Julia Roberts iconic line, “I’m also just a girl standing in front of… Continue reading I’m just a girl, writing a blog with two dogs by her side, looking for…


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“They are the trio that brought me to a state of empathic pause and this new page, is my ode to them.”

— Jessica Maricevic

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