Archived Empathic Creations

Through the sharing of her original Empathic Creations, Jessica hopes others are inspired to creatively represent the human-animal bond through an artistic medium of their choice to:

  • Increase animal-assisted advocacy efforts
  • Reveal the vast potential of the human-animal bond
  • Encourage others to consider animal-assisted therapies as a viable resource within their organization

Jessica’s Digital Artwork

Disclaimer:The displayed digital artwork and photography cannot be duplicated or reproduced without Jessica’s written consent.

The Laughing Dog, © J. Maricevic, 2022
The Power of the Paw, © J. Maricevic, 2021
Variations on ‘Brad’ ⓒ J. Maricevic, 2021
The Canine Compass, © J. Maricevic, 2021
What did the Dog Say?, J. Maricevic (2022)

Jessica’s Photography

All About Soul, © J. Maricevic, 2022
Morning Blur, © J. Maricevic, 2022
The dog, his boy, & a boat, © J. Maricevic, 2022
Routines, J. Maricevic (2022)
Attentive, J. Maricevic (2022)