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The Transformative Possibilities of Protocols

By Dr. Jessica Maricevic

DeWitt’s (2022) article provides readers with insight on ways to initiate and implement change within an organization. The universality of DeWitt’s suggestions could easily be adapted for any organization’s initiatives, especially those determined to implement sustainable and equitable change in a culturally responsive manner.

Remaining mindful of the individuals within the organization, protocols that invite collaboration and include the voices of all stakeholders, with efficacy, reflect leadership mindful of all individuals within the organization. In turn, such an approach can, in itself, support the success of the initiative, beyond the conceptual idea.

In addition, establishing a communicative protocol for the various stages of an initiative may encourage stakeholders to share and discuss issues related to and beyond the initiative itself. Aspiring leaders should understand that to utilize protocols to enact change, there must be careful thought placed upon the initial roll-out of the protocol. Be sure to do so in a way that is transformative and not transactional in its delivery.

Inform stakeholders through a transformative leadership approach. Invite stakeholder collaboration to further solidify the rationale and buy-in for the initiative. Thoughtful considerations like those stated above, may present other positives for the organization; increase the level of social capital; create a more collaborative and inclusive learning environment, and have an overall positive impact on the culture of learning.

4 Protocols That Can Shift Your Teacher-Leadership Meetings From Drab to Fab

Peter DeWitt

Publication Date
July 26, 2022


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